Keep turning your BoxTops in until

Friday, FEBRUARY 22nd


This is a class contest. Turn in your BoxTops from now until February 21st.  The class with the most Box Tops will receive certificates and a small prize.  They also get the Box Top trophy for the remainder of the year!!


1st – 5th Grades

This is a class contest!! Turn in your Box Tops from now until February 21st.    The top 3 classes will receive an ice cream party and extra recess.  Each grade level will compete for the coveted Box Top trophy!!


Important Class Contest Reminders:

  • Be sure you have your class or teacher’s name on your collection sheet.
  • If you use a Ziploc bag, please mark with the teacher’s name on or inside the bag.
  • Box Tops expire!!  Please turn them in before the expiration date to get credit.
  • If you need more collection sheets, please visit the BoxTops website (


Let’s see if we can earn over $2,000 for the year!


For information on Box Tops, please visit

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